2011 Campagnolo Pista Tubular Wheelset ON SALE

2011 Campagnolo Pista Tubular Wheelset - Competitive Cyclist

Heads up for the tarckies, CC is having a sale on campag pista wheels, grab these for US499, over half price mang.

Soooo cheap! I just paid $630 + freight from Ribble in the UK and month ago.

Bloody good deal. Get on it kids- rock this on a street fixie and skid tubulars… yeah!

i soo want to, but must resist, must build road bike…

fuck its only 40 dollar shipping

Are you in C grade gene? if so these will bring you to B!

All points to DO IT

sell superbe pros, buy these. WIN

shit, at that price, i might get on a pair and ride them for training.


Damn, maybe these would suit the pinarello better, then the shamals could go back on the Mazza…

Is there any difference performance wise between these wheels and shamals?

Don’t encourage this. I had to WALK with Eugene to a bike shop, instead of riding to a supermarket to get beer and cigarettes. I should’ve told him to walk there himself, and just ridden there and then back to the roobaix to hang with spirito and Matt gray and that guy who I keep introducing myself to cos I don’t remember who he is. Not that Tom guy, someone else.

allegedly not. shamals just look tougher.

Shit I don’t even race but I want to buy some at that price.
If I did I would for sure that’s cheaper than some bloody b43’s

nothing you will notice

it’s easy to transform them into a clincher.

all you need is a drill, sand paper and a hammer, trust me.

my sentiment entirely. hmmmm

Question - Would I look like a complete tool if I rocked these
A: On the street
B: I turned up at “beginners night” at the track

not that I care what you think anyway you tool

That’s a bit of an oxymoron don’t you think?

Hands down best part of my Roobaix - riding past you two when Eugene’s tubular punctured. I told him countless times to change the wheels. Boy didn’t listen.

I’d told him too.
Stupid arse. Haha

god damn i’m trying to save for my trip to the US but I WANT THESE NOW!