2012 bendigo madison.

i’m going to make a blog post out of all these, but here’s a sneak peak.




Is it just me, or does Marvulli seem like a dick? And not just because he was eyeing off Jared’s girlfriend at the Melbourne Madison.

I was working at the bar on wednesday night and met a rider who had just done the bendigo madison called ben (eastern europeanean last name starting with W) he was a pretty sweet dude, anyone know him?

how cute, they’re holding hands!

i think marvulli is a dick, the way he complained and bitched at the melbourne cup on wheels coz he got beat by a 17yr old was pretty shitty

you mean at the australian madison champs, when he didn’t get beaten by a 17 year old, given said 17 year old dropped a lap when his partner was out of the race?

the lap times don’t lie, gza.

the music for two of those youtube clips is fucking horrible. like, removing eardrums with a butter knife horrible.

dude was on the podium because he was right.

yeah i totes agree he was right and he did beat the kid, but man it ook forever to for them to sort it out and he just seemed like he was hasseling every one so much, i dunno, i just dont like him

the matching sock and mavic shoe combination shown by lampater is the biggest winner of the carnival for mine