2012 Tour de France Fantasy League

Thanks Aaron (team bukkake) for setting up the FOA league.

Fantasy : Cycling Central on SBS

League name FOA
Password skidz

Goose: Goose’d up to the eyeballs
Familyguy: pescefreddo
Supermarketoflove: Pharmacy of Love
2011 Winner Beaker: Daptonians
Daniel: Very Fast Bike Riders
Snail: Chris’s Wanabees
ianhuman_xX: les Connards Rapides
bergs: no dopes here
antmandan: Bike Force
ghostcar: Dumbass Dicks
alexb618: my team name starts with the letter c
rhys: ghetto blasters

playing as Fried Fajitos

accept me Aaron!

Me = Team Columbus Mad Mex

im in! Slow & Low

I’m in “hello kitty”

In… Gears Instead of Beers

i’m in.

seether pagan.

TooMuchAtSteak for me.

Fantasy : Cycling Central on SBS

This website is shit!!

it crashes IE on my work computer. waaaaaait…

It does’t behave with safari over here - firefox is okay.

^ was painfully slow on my iPad… would have been quicker to bust out the laptop.



Big Chain Ring

After a year’s absence, I can’t remember, do the riders $ values change during the race?


Here is the official confirmed start list.
Check your team to make sure you have actually picked riders
selected on their team.

Tour De France Start List | Cyclingnews.com

^protip right there…