2012 UCI Track World Championships. Melbourne 4-8 April

Had yesterday off so threw some touring tyres on the stevens and headed south to see where I am with respect to actually doing this ride. Was aiming for Nowra but ran short of time and legs at Kiama downs so rolled into Kiama, grabbed a beer and a pub lunch and caught the train home. There’s a few more hills than i anticipated and i seem to be not very good at climbing so will be making this a regular trip (hopefully make it to nowra or beyond).

Yeah maybe this is something we can all get on to get some match fitness up.

Alright kids. Had a good chat with Rowan about this on Wed night, and this shit is gonna happen!!

Tickets are already on sale for the track worlds here: 2012 UCI Track World Championships

I’m hoping to have a touring bike built up by then so I can do it fixed, if not I’ll be riding my Roadie.

Rowan, his brother and I are committing to it. Who else is keen?

Semi-dig, will be in attendance if it works around my (potential) uni timetable. Fixed for certainly.

Keen but not committed. I’ll have to wait and see how things pan out.

I won’t be coming, because of reasons.

This ride started today
Just me and my brother riding.
Day 1 Engadine to moss vale, 129km in 4 hours 59 minutes

Going to throw the odd pic up at sydtomelb.tumblr.com
Nothing to fancy, I often forget to take photos

I am impressed and jealous.

Well done! Have a great trip. I’ll check out your photos.

+1 on the jealousy front. Safe trip.

well done guys! see you in melbourne at the tracks?

Will be at Thursday and Friday day sessions. Then I’m staying down till the 18th for the comedy festival