2013 Le TdF thread

Ok I’ll kick it off.

Wiggins not defending. Discuss.

Became aware of possibility of rain? I guess we will never know if it actually is the knee injury that is preventing him from riding or whether he has cracked the shits about not being the team leader. The PR machine that is SKY wouldn’t let us know if it was the latter. We might have to wait and see what the girlfriends / wives twitter universe comes up with. Either way it is disappointing as it would have added another dimension to the race although it will be interesting to see how Richie Porte now moves up in seniority.

Our local pet shop owner up here is going over to the race as the driver for a couple of Australian journos. He said he will provide me with “goss texts” throughout the race. He has stated that he would be pretty excited if he could get a photo of the Badger attempting to punch him!

am I missing something, what’s the gf/wife twitter chat about??

Cath Wiggins and …er, Froome’s missus whose name I’ve forgotten have waged tweet beef with each other since during last year’s Tour over the team leadership issue.

ahhh, gotcha. that wouldn’t make things very awkward…

I predict the rider in the Yellow jersey will win the TdF.

PREDICTION: media will write off Mark Cavendish, who will then win multiple stages.

there’s already one HMC, we don’t need another.

“…waged tweet beef…” I had to read that a few times over.

I agree, the Froome/Porte dynamic will be good to watch, as will the Evans/Van Garderen thing. Should be a good year for the young kids.

Also, didn’t someone start this thread ages ago?

Stealing supermarketoflove’s format here.

What I’d like to see:

  • Fabian in yellow for the first couple of stages
  • Cadel being able to hang with the young bloods
  • Four separate riders from the same team each win a stage (someone like Argos)
  • Sky get dominated by teams riding with passion and excitement, but ride well enough so that people don’t blame Wiggins’ absence for their poor effort
  • Someone from Green Edge win a stage from a solo break
  • Cavendish pinch Sagan on the ass as he flies past to win every flat stage
  • Fabian beat Sagan in a bunch sprint while looking sideways at him
  • Jeremy Roy win a stage

What I think we’ll see:

  • Fabian in yellow for the first couple of stages
  • Cadel die in the arse, announce his retirement on completion, and become a DS for someone next year
  • Matt Goss come second/third a lot
  • Tyler Farrar crash
  • Tyler Farrar cause a crash
  • Van Garderen and Phinney cement themselves as the leaders of the next generation
  • Gesink be in contention but crash out half way through the race
  • Andy Schleck abandon
  • Richie Porte ride well enough to be offered lucrative contracts by teams with personality
  • Contador dance away from everybody on several occasions
  • Jeremy Roy get passed with 300m to go by somebody like Gerrans for a stage win. That will be bittersweet.

That is an excellent summary Rhys. I like it.

Yeah, some serious knowledge there. I’ll download and watch every stage the next day as usual but for the life of me don’t have the commitment to the ins n outs that you just spat out. Would love to see someone from Green Edge win a stage from a solo break.

Poor old Jeremy Roy. 2011 was tough when he lost that stage to Thor. His strava is showing him collecting KOM’s all through the climbs of this years routes. So hopefully he smashes a stage

I’m hoping for:

  • rain on a few of the more technical descents because Froome is as hopeless descending as Wiggins.
  • Evans, Schleck and Contador to team up against Sky and create an early stage breakaway
  • Turbo Durbo to win the ITT
  • Gerro to win a stage
  • Cam Meyer to get a start

This would be hilarious and amazing.

Backed Tejay & Porte each way; figured at least Froome or Cadel would fall off/get sick and $21 ftw is value

fucken getting all tom waterhouse in this thread. it’s cycling, not footy.

Whats the odds for Cadel to podium then?

I hope greenedge win stage 1.