2013 leader kagero

2013 Leader Kagero size 54

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
SRAM Omnium 48T / SRAM GXP

LOOK mtb

Phil Wood 17T / IZUMI Super Toughness V chain

Cinelli pepper / Thompson elite

Selle San Marco Concor / Thompson elite

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
H+SON SL42 / Phil Wood high flange / Resist nomad 28C

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
H+SON SL42 / Phil Wood high flange / Resist nomad 28C

Animal Edwin grips

more pictures here:
Leader Kagero 2013 - Pedal Room

This bike was built at saint cloud in Melbourne.
She is called Gertrude as that’s the street she was built on.

Do more skids.

I will never understand why people give bikes a name other than that which it already has. Especially a lady name.
Nice build, though.

Super nice build dude! Solid parts list all round. How good are those Animal Edwin grips.

How are those shoes/pedals going for ya?

Thanks to whoever modded my post to include the pic, I was hoping that might happen :slight_smile:

Because, when i talk about my bike (which I do alot) I dont like saying ‘my bike’ or ‘the kagero’ when i can just give it a name. Plus, its tradition. I’ve also got a reid for riding to and from the pub, and she’s called Patricia :stuck_out_tongue:
Also thanks :wink:

Thank you! I didn’t compromise on parts thats for sure. The grips are awesome! I originally wanted Odi grips which are also mega compfy because of the ribbed design, but these are even better!
Also, If i had not left Brisbane, you probably would have been the one to build this for me :eek:

Hey Steve, They are going great! only had one stack that day but learnt my lesson pretty quick.
I’ll be bringing her back into saint cloud soon to get Nick to change my sprocket… Although the parts list says 17t its actually 18t and with that ratio im gonna ruin my rear tyre faster than I want to. anyway, might see ya monday night :wink:

That’s pretty bloody badass.

So that’s what my bike would’ve looked like if I got the Formation Faces. Looking good!

Nice bike man. Clean and simple, keen on these frames.

If you can handle valve not lining up with tyre logos, you can always just pull the tyre around quarter turn on the rim and get 3 new skid patches as an interim.

staunch as.

Thanks, I’ve always wanted one of these frames and Im quuite happy with it :wink:
And yeah I guess, Im just trying to skid less until I get the new cog!

Looks good man

Thanks mate

I’m even considering some 88mm carbon clinchers now… But I love these rims. In hindsight I probably should have gone for the formation face over the sl42, but I suppose if I ever decide to run a brake I can.
Cheers mate

Got a black top tube protector on it now making it look staunch as!

Pretty Nice bike! Clean, simple, awesome! Did you cut the Peppers down to an even narrower size? And the Thomson, is that a 90mm 0 degrees one?

Saying it again, awesome bike!

Thanks mate! I ride this thing every day and I love it!
Peppers are stock size, they are narrow enough as they are.
And yep, 0 degree 90mm stem :slight_smile:

How come? My rear is sl42 and I love it. Had the archtype but I prefer the deeper look.
Looking at the specs on the formation face its 1mm wider?

the only difference between the formation face and the sl42’s is the sl42’s have a machined braking surface. But im brakeless so I dont really need it… but I spose good to have it just incase :wink:

oh really? yeah i dont have a back brake on the rear… hmm maybe i should’ve gone with formation face but the machined part is barely noticeable.

Yeah man, its not very noticable at all