2014 Pre TDU Melbs to Adelaide Ride

Scott and I have been talking bout this for a while…

Checking if anyone wants in…

727kms inland route… 7000m climbing over 4 or 5 days


Fyxo has done it a couple of times…

FYXO - Tour Down Under - Stage One

I’m kinda keen on heading inland as its a fair bit shorter and i only got the 6 days off but happy to hear what others think…

All peeps welcome not just Queenslanders

When I first read this:

I thought it said this:

You guys planning credit card touring styles?

Yup each night in pub accom…

Oh boy, and I’ve talked to shirts about doing BNE to SYD and then SYD to MLB as precursor to MLB - ADL

Good Shirts might actually have slowed down to my pace by the time you make it to Melbs…

Still a goer?

I’ve been thinking about this heaps, for obvious reasons, and I’m still keen as mustard!

BYO sperm helmet?


Hey dude, did you guys work out a route for BNE to SYD? I’m hoping to do something like this in November

i think its going to be a MLB-ADL thing only, work and other things collude to make any more time off too hard


I did Melb to Adelaide coast over 9 day 1000km fixed last year. If you looking for randoms I could be keen. Im a moderately fit rider max 130 - 150km a day in ideal conditions over 10 hours with breaks. Any advise you need I can help eg accom, best pubs, narrow shoulders etc

I could do 200 with derailler if you were not going single.

I’m thinking more along the lines that we plan a route, you can pick an appropriate bike after that?

any route is fine fixed except last day (or two) gets gangster on the adelaide hills still ok fixed, we did it but gears would have been nice. BTW we rode 42/18 and never really spun. MELB>SORRENTO>FERRY GEELONG>COLAC>WARNAMBOOL>COAST TO LANGHORN CREEK>ADELAIDE

BTW I attempted Melb to syd fixed via gippsland and Eden > Coast. Really touch fixed even with a dingle or 15/19 flip not worth it. I got to eden and winds got out of hand. Tough ride @ 400km onwards.

ive driven the coast road MLB>SYD and i can imagine it would be a tough ride, but its fucking beautiful.

Yes amaizing from Bairnsdale onwards.

Much, much more scenic than some of the barron Melb>Adelaide.

I remember a 45 minute downhill somewhere near cann river.