2016 Koga Kimera Track

So after a couple years on the Teschner the time had come to move it on. Mainly due to the fact that to get the fit right I had a slammed -12deg 140mm stem and as effective/ baller as it was, after a few sprint rounds once the fatigue sets in I had issues; and I was chasing another 10mm. This fatigue paired with a way out front position, full gas down the bank, out of the saddle, leads to handling issues… and that’s the excuse for a new bike we’re going with :slight_smile:

So after a tonne of research and speaking with some experienced minds the consensus was 570TT>120mm Stem is way better than 550TT > 140mm Stem.

It’s really not as easy a task as you’d think… what’s the options?
[li]BT Blade - ahhahahahahhahha $$$$$$$$$$$ No.
[/li][li]BT Stealth - still $4500 used and the illusive/ highly sort after 59TT never come up
[/li][li]Avanti Pista Pro - Sunk HT and seat post issues + not really a sprint frame
[/li][li]Avanti Team Pista - Good option but the right TT comes with a 130mm head tube… Nope.
[/li][li]Fuji - Can’t stand the look of em
[/li][li]Dolan DF4 - issues galore, we don’t have time
[/li][li]Dolan DF3 - Good option, find a good used one in a 59TT, good luck… New, no chance.
[/li][li]Koga Kimera - Still crazy $$, but Veodrome shop doing 60% off to clear stock, no issues to speak of (apart from the not so amazing graphics) 580mm TT > 110mm head tube WINNING! And it’s basically a lightened BT Stealth with a newer arse end and lower HT. Take my money.

Koga Kimera Track Frame set
Ritchey WCS headset
Thomson post and stem
Look Sprint Bars/ Yoshida Grips
Specialised S-Works Power Saddle
DA 7700 Cranks and Octolink BB + DA Stages PM
Speedplay Track Pedals/ Toshi Straps
Training Wheels - Velocity Deep V’s/ DT Bladed/ Superb Hubs/ Vittoria Pista Evo CS
Race Wheels - Corima Discs/ 4 Spoke to Dugast Silk Pista

Not that it matters but it’s 7.2kg as it sits with trainers on.

*sorry, phone photos. I’ll get some good shots with the go fast wheels on one day soon.

Be still my beating heart

Mate it’s a banger!

I reckon the paint job is pretty neat. But the whole thing is phwoar.

Nice to see it built up.

Headed out to #chandlerchewsdays tonight but you weren’t there. Plenty of others going round and round.

Cheers Y’all.

Sorry Geoff… the frame came sans seat post binder bolts :frowning: They’ve been posted, fingerscrosssed for next Tuesday.

No need for an apology mate, was just surprised there were no #kents at all there.

Sometimes I still wish I had my Nemo koga. Looks fast Bruh!

great, this is an unbelievable banger, can’t wait to see it on the boards #boty #roatb

Mooie fiets!

needs that stem and race wheels update

Yo Scotty!!

Also, have had a stages crank for a while and it’s great, but had issues with my Garmin sometimes for various reason. I lost my garmin off the roadie a few months back and put a Stages Dash on Pre-order that has arrived this week. Early testing is proving great! Couple of new things to get used too but all in all very happy. I’ll do a review in the coming months for the data bro’s/siss’s.

Dayne, I’m not in peak form obviously being off season but ATM I’m pulling MAX powers of 1750W and 5sec AVG of 1200W in order to justify the use of straps for you :wink:

*Those number were on 57x14 at the end of a big strength night. We did three 60x12 Rolling accel efforts where the peak powers were all just over 1200W at an AVG cadence of 103 for the 500M which puts speed at around a 63kmh… so consistency is good but it’s clearly easier make better power on a race gear.

sex on a stick

Yeah hot

Smoking mahn.