2016 Pro Road racing

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Been following the UCI-ASO spat lately.
So ASO say they’ll pull their races back to HC level, meaning fewer WT teams
UCI now say that means HC max distance of 200km will therefore apply and other HC limits

Biggest news of the off season; Matt Goss squeezed out of MTN-Qhubeka-Dimension by Cavendish and now at Project One Cycling

So what do people think of BMC with porte/tejay. I’m pretty sure that BMC don’t rate Tejay’s chances against Froome or Quintana or Contador, if they did they would never have drafted Porte. So why not tell him he’s No. 2 straight up?

I like the idea of a two-prong attack from a team other than the top one or two favourites.
Either as a tactical option or just a ‘decide it on the road’ plan.

I think this. If they relegate Teejay to second, Sky will obviously know that Porte is better and because he’s a known quantity they’ll know how to manage him as an opponent.

So far it looks like a good move. The 2016 BMC’s are out of this world fucking expensive. I guess they’re relying on the ‘Cadel factor’ to sell a lot of them.

The Sagans do ‘Grease’:

[video]GREASE SUNROOT - YouTube

Bay Crit #1 Caleb Ewan

Ewan wins the Road Nats crit

So OGE have 3 sprinters who all specialize in finishes with a bit of gradient. Gerro’s last year with them I’d say.

He definitely appears to be the man to beat, will be watching on Sunday with great interest.

this seems unlikely. 2 of them are still pretty green in terms of protour experience and gerro gets good in the longer punchier finishes where race smarts plays a big deal, see purito and gilbert.

Gerro is on massive money after renegotiating at season end a couple of years back.
He played OGE off against SKY who made an offer for him to go back there.
He will at least have to take a massive haircut unless his results return to a similar level.
Gerro to retire at end of contract or milk a couple of years from a ‘Dimension Data’ or ‘IAM’ -type team.


salary reduction

sideburn reduction.

U23 TT

Decisions of the commissaires panel
Rider 16 Ben O’CONNOR fined $50 for wearing inappropriate headwear during medal presentation

  1. 13 Callum SCOTSON (SA) 37:39.64
  2. 1 Miles SCOTSON (SA) 38:00.43 +20.7
  3. 16 Ben O’CONNOR (WA) 38:52.08 +1:12.4
  4. 19 Alexander MORGAN (VIC) 39:05.80 +1:26.1

Haus dog for the repeat! Heard he threw his power metre in the bin and spent six weeks cross country skiing! Can feel the sensations in my waters.

Hausdog is still skiing it would appear, not on the start list this year :frowning: Ewan will have it in the bag if OGE don’t get told otherwise.


Bullshit claim to fame: I once raced the Bowral track open and cooked the BBQ with Ewen’s mum (not a euphemism).
She is an outstanding and gracious lady, and he is a very grounded and polite guy. When I hear of his success, I am very happy for him.

As far as OGE go, they should pay ‘Gerro’ off. Matthews is much cooler than him, and Ewen is much younger. It seems like they are starting to care more about grand tour victories now anyway, because that’s where the money is and they still don’t have a proper sponsor.

That’s nice to hear about him being a good dude. I wasn’t sure if he was being disingenuous on camera or is still just a little awkward at times. Also that ‘cooked the bbq’ thing actually made me laugh out loud.

I think you’re right, not that gerro hasn’t had some wonderful success with the team and had a great showing whilst in the national champs jersey I think he best is behind him. He’d still be a valuable member of that team as a road captain like O’Grady was but paying the dollars he’s currently on for that role would be stupidity.