2017 Giro d'Italia

ahah YES! the truth is out.

Steph & I have been on this bandwagon since forever.
He doesn’t have it.
As Steph says, great he finished 5th on a couple of occasions, however the gap from 1st to 5th is MASSIVE. He doesn’t have it. Never has. Never will.

nawwwwww look what you guys did!

^Just saw that on the news. LOL.
Points for sensations though

From 1st to 148th in one lap, jeez. Poor guy.

At least Canty’s off the hook now

Different guy (the intent of my gif was to celebrate the Tejay destruction occurring).

Last night was this guy:


I got it!
I was unaware of last nights finish. Happens quite a bit.

Super keen to get home and find a way to see last nights stage (at least the last ~20kms).
Some drama, attacks and controversy. The sensations were there for some, it seems.

And this: “American Giro hope Tejay van Garderen (BMC Racing) was later dropped on the final climb.” from VeloNews

Trick question, he was never the American Giro hope.

Somebody needs to find a way to send this thread to BMC, Tejay and Jim Ochowicz (and film the reactions).

Will Nairo’s “poor” time trialling cost him Pink?
Tom D absolutely monstered it though. Insane. Hopefully he still has something left to fight with over the next 10 days or so. Should make for fireworks on the mountains as Nairo needs to get that time back (~2’23") and then some to have a buffer for the last stage - also an ITT.

ALso, this:

Seems TJVG has decided to target the Lanterne Rouge now?

Thank you for posting this Luke, fucking lol

Yeah man. Achievable goals. He’s feelin it

Ok I now officially feel sorry for Teejay. I imagine it is similar to how I felt during Hell of the West 2013 when I realised i would never make A grade lol.

I’m sure teejay’s sensations are exactly like that Jamesy.

haha, nah that interview on velonews was very depressing, feel for the guy.

So will Dumoulin hold on in the final week, or is Quintana just waiting to blow them all into the weeds?