2017 Giro d'Italia

The 2017 Giro d’Italia is upon us.
Nairo Quintana & Vincenzo Nibali are the favorites, however there is a cadre of racers hot on their heels to take pink.
Who has the sensations this year? Who’s your pick? How are you watching the race (assuming you don’t have Foxtel)?

Very true! Link is below


Worth noting: Beardy McBeard (Marcus) is photographing the Giro this year. His shots are always pretty damn good, worth looking out for.

Probably YouTube vids of “last xx kilometers” each morning - via Steephill or CyclingFans
Hopefully in non-spoiler mode and English

i smell some fourth rate meme fodder

I have some excellent sensations about this (for you).

Appartently they’re doing the Stelvio descent no hands or brakes on fixies in the dark

Fourth rate? Bit generous.


not a fixie.

Alternative fact

That guy is hot. Seems like he’s braking with his foot on the rear wheel? At least that’s what it looks like from the 86 video.

On point with the recent Giro controversy

Haha. When I opened that I wondered if he was the dude from the 80’s that rode down there no handed.
And as I scrolled I see that he indeed is.
He crazed

Looks like we’ve got a “controversy” already.
Bardiani-CSF look like they’re going to get booted from the Giro after two riders test positive for peptides.
Stefano Pirazzi & Nicola Ruffoni both tested positive and will serve suspensions. The UCI looking to boot the team.
Why Giro Boss, why? Pirazzi is such an animator!

if u want sensations u let them do what they need to do.

They should offer that Androni team a last minute call up and say “don’t say we never offered…!”

This was helpful:


Curious to see if Thomas or Yates are genuine chances. I’d probably rate Yates ahead of Thomas as a pure climber and not a lot of TT distance in this year’s (or any years) Giro.

I’m with you on that one.
Also, I reckon Tejay could pull the pin now. Without Dennis to pull him around I reckon he hasn’t got a hope.

Thomas to win.

Teejay will never win a GT, with or without help.
people need to realise this.