2017 Masters Track National Championships

Hey FOA, so “Masters Nats” is on at Dunc Grey in a month… hooray! I’m coming down with a small crew from Brizzy to have a crack at the sprint and It’d be great to put some FOA names to faces. Not sure I’ll bother with the scratch race so will probs have some end of season beers on the Friday if any ones keen for a beer n’ a heckle :smiley:

Any who, anyone racing, thinking of coming out??..

CA Event page here

[li]Wednesday 8/03/2017 - Individual Track Time Trial[/li][li]Thursday 9/03/2017 - Sprint (MMAS 1-4), Individual Pursuit (MMAS 5-10 & WMAS 1-8)[/li][li]Friday 10/03/2017 - Individual Pursuit (MMAS 1-4), Sprint (MMAS 5-10 & WMAS 1-8)[/li][li]Saturday 11/03/2017 - Points/Scratch Race[/li][/ul]

Also, if anyone got a spare 54ish roadie they wanna lend me I’d bee keen to tag along on some road K’s Friday morning maybe.

is the skunkworks English a 54? he loves demo things?

So you’re racing on Thursday? Where are you staying?

Yeah Thursday and maybe the scratch on Saturday for the lols. Steve and I looking to put together a team sprint team as well. You can only purchase a $180 “all 4 individual events” ticket which is balls I say, but, Australian cycling bodies WTF you gonna do right… so looking to get some value out of the ticket.

Staying at the Rydges up on the highway because walking distance and pretty cheap for a twin share.

PS Dave, the Scratch M1 & M2 for QLD titles this weekend just got combined, thanks a lot for leaving! M80!! Who gonna lead me out for 39.5 laps now?? :frowning:

Very cool Loki. Good luck!

Scotty could do at least 0.5 of that load…#shotsfired

feck. that hurts.

Cheers :slight_smile:


double Lels

Just saw that NSW states are on the 19th of this month, might enter

Yes, you will. Points, Scratch and ITT for you son

Enjoy the racing! Haven’t been motivated to train again yet, so haven’t bothered purchasing my licence for 2017…

Update…Lokione fucking smashed it and won the sprint title, plus overall. Then we got to race in the m1/m2 combined points race which he also raced to perfection and won the double points sprint.

I, as per usual went down in a blaze of glory after attacking with 2 to go and getting swamped in the last 100m. Sensations…very high!

A+ this is so good - well done everyone!

Woohoo #duglyf !!!

Hey hey, ripper week. Dave should get honourable jersey as he supplied me with a (baller AF Spirito built) front wheel to Sprint on as mine decided to part with its valve leaving me high and fucking dry AND provided much wheel to suck as I played enduro, with actual enduros. #flurobureau

Congratulations lokione!

Cheers man :slight_smile:

I’m gonna grab a bunch of shots from the weekend including a ripper of Dave with the “what would Boonen do” face on.

So hot.