2017 Tour de France

We’re days away from the start in Dusseldorf and the teams are announced.
European national champions have been awarded their colors.
The “warm up” races are over and presumably the riders are suitably warm.
What do you want to see, what don’t you want to see, who’s going to surprise you?
Who’s your pick this year?
Green Jersey:
Best Young Rider:
Team Classification:

How will HeavyMetalCyclist entertain us this year? Who shall be worthy? Past “winners” are Fabio Aru, Simon Gerrans, Alberto Contador and Chris Froome - who shall be immortalized this year?

yeah but predicting is difficult, especially about the future.

but everyones’s saying Froome and Porte so I’ll say Froome and Porte

But what I’m really interested in is Gerro vs Bling. I want to see them bump heads even if it is only for 10th place behind Cav, Sagan, Kittel and the rest.

Oh Bob. I’m sorry fella. Gerro didn’t get a spot on the team this year.

Looking forward to another boring three weeks of controlled racing, Porte to choke when it matters. Sensations to be the fleeting winner. So good that grub gerro got rubbed.

Every single time…

Hoping for Michael Matthews to do some good things and or DuMoulin to be a contender.

This is disgusting, the apology is a bit weak and I’m really disappointed in Jan.

Some of the teams last night needed to have been reading the “Winter / Rain bikes, Fenders” thread.
A real shame to see some key riders crash out on stage 1, fear it plays right into Sky’s hands and will result in a less animated race.

Man, Dave Brailsford is a grade A douche.

[i]The GC picture put Thomas, Froome and Team Sky in the driving seat. The British WorldTour team posted four riders in the top eight on the stage, in a move that sent a clear message to their rivals. Even Team Sky’s Dave Brailsford couldn’t resist gloating at the line.

“We look vulnerable don’t you think? That’s what everybody’s been saying,” he said.[/i]

Hope he trips over a vial of fluimacil

So conditions were a little slippery…


Vids like this give such a better sense of the speed these guys move at, compared to those from the camera motos.

Apparently Durbridge snapped his shoe in half in that stack.

i thought of this when Froomey took a tumble and needed a bike change at a point where the peloton could only afford to half sit up & wait last night…

Dumoulin’s not racing. Sunweb are all in for Bling and The Green

saw that yesterday… didnt get any less scary to watch this morning. durbo is no small unit and he doesnt TT slow but holy crap he hit the deck hard.

Valverde did a better job of himself with all kinds of injuries.

Great finish by Bling but from too far back. Sagan often gets accused of going too early but it hasn’t stopped him from winning 5 green jerseys. Maybe mathews should try going too early.


I hate Cav

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Been happening for years Sir.

Cav stuck his nose where it didnt fit. Took a soccer dive. He was already on a trajectory to the barriers.

TDF officials look pretty stupid, taking points and bonuses then re-evaluating and then DQ’ing Peto. Seems all a bit flustered really. Demare’s line during the crash was pretty questionable, bit of a chop there also.