2018 comm games

Must be a fast track,

[FONT=inherit]“Australia clean sweep the men’s and women’s team pursuits! It wasn’t even close in the end, the Aussie quartet of Alex Porter, Sam Welsford, Leigh Howard and Kelland O’Brien romped home to win by nearly six seconds, and set a world record at the Anna Meares velodrome. Incredible run for the Aussies, who clocked home at 3:49.804, beating the previous world record of 3:50.265. England finished at 3:55.310.”


It’s the mould all over the roof, theory was it would have an effect, and now we know it is speed benefits.

Kiwi pursuit team disqualified for a cockpit five or sux mm outside regulations. If they were beardos they would have had spacers. #slimthatstimbrah.

How do you cock up something like that? Its not like the requirements are secret squirrel.

Apparently a rider wasn’t comfortable on the start line and tried to adjust with help from mechanic or someone.
Upshot: failed remeasure

How humid was it? Because that day in Sydney when Jack Bobridge set the 4k record was one of the most humid ever measured. High humidity lowers effective air pressure by some mechanism that I should know but I failed statistical mechanics and thermodynamics in 2nd year uni.

It lowers the density actually, the molecular weight of h20 is 18 compared with N2 28 and O2 32. They all at atmospheric conditions take up roughly the same volume.

Temperature inside was 28 degrees but not particularly humid by Brisbane standards. Was a great atmosphere.
Interestingly when England were up against NZ, it seemed like everyone was barracking for our cuzzy bros.

Strong finish

Fairly fast imo


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:australia: Sam Welsford rockets home to win gold in the Men’s 15km Scratch Race. One of the best performances of #GC2018 #7CommGames https://t.co/BqPfwC1UkW https://twitter.com/7CommGames/status/982592826570522625?s=17

The women’s team worked beautifully to deliver Amy Cure to the line in the women’s 10k.

At least he got a ride, no such luck for Melissa Lowther: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/othersports/article-5596979/Melissa-Lowther-left-devastated-bungling-administrative-error.html

I work with Kell O’Brien’s dad… The office has been super into cycling this week! :slight_smile: