2018 Masters Track Nats - We in you Melbourne

Yo. It’s Mas Nats time again in two weeks and and this year it’s at DISC in Melbourne, so dust off ya sweet fixxay, trim ya fucking bike packing, I only ride 1x, ovanighta beards and come down for a heckle. I’ll be defending my Sprint title and Dave Try will be get’n all Boonen and taking laps n shit. It’s gonna be rad.

Here’s a link with dates and things

Also, I’ve never been to Melb’sm I’m staying in Thornbury, any hots tips for the best coffee/breakfast and dinner would be much appreciated.

Angry faces and wombat noises included

Yeah, Nah, there’s no good coffee in Thornbury - or anywhere in the Northern suburbs - you’ll have to come over to the Eaton mall in Oakleigh for that. Only a 30 klm ride so its good training.

hahaha good one BBB.

heaps of good places in thornbury.

coffee from Short Round, breakfast from there too. Boundary Espresso is apparently good too, though i’ve never been. Sookie La La for american style diner breakfast. Kau is also good for breakfast from memory.

Kustom Burger is pretty good for dinner. For The Love of Pizza is good, Moors Head is probably better if you’re into Turkish style pizzas (i fkn love MH). My boss has just opened a Korean Fried Chicken place at Preston Market that i think is pretty great. Called Lui Boss. Another mate has opened a brewery called Tallboy & Moose (he runs the kitchen, scottish bloke) that Pinzo had his bday at recently.

Carwyn Cellars is a crackin bar if you’re into different beers etc.

I’m just scratching the surface, haven’t lived up there for a while, but i’m sure you’ll find plenty of options. Could also roll south to Northcote High St & find lots of great spots.

Just don’t get sucked into Welcome To Thornbury, you can do better.

+1 on you can do better than welcome to thornbury.

Brother Alec was my fav when i lived there, not so ‘cafe touristy’ as short round.

Can also recommend the bahn mi from the dodgy looking bakery on the corner of high and clarendon.

Trumpy is a nice quiet bar right next to that bakery.

was trying to remember the name of Brother Alec. good spot.

Cheers crew, recon that’ll cover our three days n’ two nights for sure