2018 Pro Road Racing

Road Nats? TDU? Will Jack Bobridge be serving clients or serving time? Does Sagan come back to try the TDU again? Who’s going to get the Green and Gold bands this time? Is it Rohan Denis’ year?

Frome dowg gone and dun a bad thing: Chris Froome fights to save career after failed drugs test result | Chris Froome | The Guardian

Was on my way to share the same.
Apparently there’s a TUE in place?
Still though - that’s quite the abnormal result.
Looking forward to hearing the justification…

when too much asthma is barely enough

It’s happeninnggggggg

Who would have thought??!!

This vid still gets me every time:

Maybe they thought cos it’s a team sport they could add all the TUE’s together?

This is from another forum:

I am actually an asthma specialist and routinely give albuterol (the US equivalent of salbutamol) to people to help diagnose asthma. We do a breathing test (spirometry) before and after inhaling the drug. Albuterol DOES increase lung function (FEV1) up to 5-8% in healthy people, and wears off in about 4 hours. In people with uncontrolled asthma, the increase in lung function can be 10% or more, and we consider +12% to be diagnostic of asthma. So it is no surprise to me that cyclists would like to have a diagnosis of exercise-induced asthma and be allowed to use these types of medications, whether they have asthma or not. Can’t speak to the masking effects but that would be the icing on the cake.

There are other scientists that say that it does nothing to enhance performance, so believe what you will.

I also read it suggested that Froomey got a hit from a blood bag that had a high level of the drug, and combined with what he’d taken on the day was enough to push him to double the legal level.

In short: they’ll spin this all the way to the courts and win because Sky has $$$, but Froomey is dirty. As are most of the pro peloton in one way or another.

My fave theory is that it’s a masking agent for clen, which is a fat burner, which in turn is needed to be as light as possible for…wait for it…the full benefits of a motor.

Almost certainly true.

you probably right jamesy.

All the while Jonno rides smugly around in his Cavendish socks because his boy has never been called into question

Hey Dave, those socks were on special and you know it.

if we’ve learnt anything it’s that everyone gets their comeuppance.

oh also: good evidence to suggest UCI would not have released this info if it hadn’t been leaked to Le Monde and the Guardian. Corrupt as fuckkkkk.

Who, me or Cav?

both of u grubs.

ps. what a cracking way to start 2018 pro cycling.

I toyed with the idea of putting it in 2017, but everyone loves a bit of controversy for a new year.


in good form Davo

Jonno do you really have Cavendish socks? Outstanding


when doubling down, why not triple down? love it…