20h rear track hub options

Looking to possibly convert a road wheel in to a rear track wheel. I would like to do this on the cheap so custom drilled hubs are not an option. Does anyone know of a 20h rear that’s around the price/quality of Novatech?
Also open to option of using a hub that isn’t 20h and skipping some holes, although I doubt there is hub with a hole count that’d work.

40H laced every second ?


24h and skip one hole every 4?

I have no idea how this would affect the wheel and spoke calcs -might have to kinda wing it?

Shifter Dan posted a pic of 32h hub to a 24h rim, maybe contact him?

Overall by the time you buy a hub, new spokes and labour wouldn’t it be cheaper just to buy a decent 2nd hand wheel?

Im pretty sure Ben/Spirito is an expert on this.

I had thought of the 24h and skipping every 4th hole option, can’t find any examples of it working though.

As for the cost I can get spokes/hub at wholesale price and can do most of the build myself. Would probably want someone more experienced to finish it though as I’ve only built a few sets of wheels. I’m hoping it doesn’t end up costing too much but if it is going to be costly I’ll just leave it as a road wheel.
Also it’s a 60mm carbon clincher with alloy brake surface so finding a decent second hand equivalent could be hard.

Fair enough.

Might be able to get a cheap Velocity 40h rear hub. Find someone who bent a Chukker while playing polo?

Skipping every 4th on each side = 18H rim and wonky lacing.

Skip every 6th on each side = 20H and wonky lacing.

you can do the math manually to get the spoke length or determine by experiment.

Skipping every 2nd on a 40H could work, but the lengths will be slightly nonstandard due to the hole offset being drilled for 40H not 20H. So one side will need spokes that are both longer and shorter than the theoretical spoke length for a 20H lace. So you need 3 spoke lengths to build the wheel.

Mack Hubs, will custom drill any hole count, and are excellent, Phil Wood probably does one too


You know what I meant

These look awesome, if I ever pull the trigger on a set of cheap 808’s I’m for sure gonna lace em to these.

My old Airlite 40H hub paired to a 20 Velocity Deep V has held up well for over 10 years. I got away with the same length spokes, but the rim has paired lacing.