210,000,000 Views on youtube can't be wrong



open condom style

Another K-pop thread?


it’s no green edge call me maybe

Looks like he bit some moves from the Durry Buster

Can anyone translate what they’re saying??

and what’s the deal with the dude in the lift? Reminds me of this dude from Hot Rod

Who, this guy? I think he won an award for the role:

holy shit, I’m not the only one!!

Duck version was rad

it mildly bums me out that this has been the ‘breakthrough’ k-pop hit in the west.

it’s still fun as fuck and funny as fuck though

It bums me out that almost every single jerk who shows me this displays a thinly veiled/not veiled at all racist slant.

All you friends are racist jerks?

I may be overstating here a bit.

came across this


I don’t know much a bout K-Pop in general, or it’s significance in modern South Korea, but this article is kinda interesting:

Gangnam Style, Dissected: The Subversive Message Within South Korea’s Music Video Sensation - Max Fisher - The Atlantic

Or maybe it’s just over analysing a dumb pop money maker?

TC: I do like the song though

Psy says ‘Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy’, these guys missed the point.

Melburn style - good.
Edit: agree with Nikcee

and the sweet fixie is a single speed… the horror

I know Dan… I almost cried.

Gangnam Style dance-off escalates into gang shootout in Bangkok | World news | guardian.co.uk