24 inch

Has anyone ever seen/ridden/heard of a 24 inch fixed freestyle bike?

Why not just go all the way to 20"

^was popular with flatlanders back in the day

still barspinnable at 6 inch

… provided your knees are capable of reverse articulation

24 inch BMX’s rock


Flatland on a a 24 inch bike is unnecessarily cumbersome.

What about for racing aeons? Also I find my 20" very difficult to control cos of how small it is.

Dude you saw me in the shop last weekend. I look like I’m on my way to the circus on a 20 in

24" is a racing category, people do race on them. Anyone can ride a 20" they just have to have it set up right, I have one of the smallest bmx set ups along with zero offset forks and minimal offset stem and I still smash around on it. Bmx needs just as much attention as other genre’s of riding to become comfortable and proficent.


Increase frame size not wheel size. Otherwie it’s not a bmx…

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24" fixed. Prototype HOLD FAST frame.

^ That is so horrible oh my god…

Looks like you Gyp…

used to race 24inch bmx, more comfortable than a 20inch i feel. tricks are abit combersome compared to throwing around a smaller bike

Jim C’s (Sunday) Model C 24’’ BMX Cruiser - YouTube

Definitely need a custom frame if you want to run 24s, BB height is going to be the biggest issue.
Tarn from Primate Frames build a 24" fixie frame and is running junior track wheels (Ertro 520) not BMX wheels (Ertro 507).

Sunday have one of the few park 24" framesets but it’s spaced for BMX and you’ll end up needing BMX bars.
Otherwise you’re looking at DJ/Park frames like my NS Suburban Park but the geo is still BMX / MTB.
I’ve got 24s on my polo bike (which everyone makes fun of) but they rock. Whippy & a short wheel base.