24hr bike ride anyone???

Putting together a team to do the Audax Fleche Opperman 24hr time trial. It’s not a race. You ride with the team to finish the course of our choosing. 25kms must be ridden in the last 2hrs so there’s no sense in rushing.

After doing a 400km last year, three from our team a keen to have a crack at a +500km and therefore, the QLD record for the event. Lucky for you guys that means there are 2 spots available.

When: Saturday, March 14th, 8am
Ride finishes in ipswich (8am Sunday)


Last year some victorians did 730km so 500km should be a piece of piss.

Link to the website…

might pass, got to catch up on grand designs…

For some reason I am interested (I’m pretty up to date on Grand Design ATM, phew) but by no means saying yes.

I know your into this this sorta stuff Nick so I imagine you’ve got some sort of plan as to hours on the bike then eat then blah, blah, blah whatever and the route > to do 500K without double up in one direction so at least a 250K out n back sort of thing… where you thinking?? Do you carry bags on your back, strap it all to ya bike > You ride your Giant everywhere so no #racklyf I’m assuming… or do you organise some sort of crew?? Will my Garmin last 24H!!! #stravalyf means a lot to me and If it’s not gonna say “longest ride > 501Km” then straight up I’m out :slight_smile:

Go on, sell it too me…

Spoiler alert…they all go over budget and take longer than expected. Relationships are strained, architects/builders get sacked but it all works out in the end.

Get on ya fucken bike!

sorry to go off topic, Zach, any link to the power bank for $11, cheapest a quick search found was $22.

#stravalyf … my longest recorded ride is 567km. it really isnt the same not having recorded that last 35km
no your garmin won’t last but i do have a similar batter pack thing that takes AAs that you are more than welcome to borrow. I’ve just picked up a dyno to run lights and garmin off.

Plan is to be supported but rules stipulate (Audax is full of rules, its french) that you can only be supported at checkpoints and have to be self sufficient everywhere else. We still need to sort out who and exactly when but that’s details at this stage. The draft course has towns about every 50kms but to get the 500kms done in 24 we can’t stuff around too much sipping lattes.

draft route so far: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6826681?privacy_code=nOAiOQM8J6l3IfRt

Is there a team that wants to sip lattes?

I may also be interested in this! Are there any rules regarding aero bars for TT gains?

el Brado - make a team, min distance for the 24hrs is 360km and ride between all of your favourite places for latte

Cons - rule: percent aero gains directly proportional to time spent at front. No mention of the discomfort of being in aero tuck for ~20hrs in a 24hr period

So, here’s an update on this one.
We did it.


Where’d you guy stop for 4 hours of shut eye?

No sleep. the 4hrs was the the cumulation of stopping for food, water, fixing flats and such.
Slept through the entire of the F1 today.

you didn’t miss much. F1, what a snore fest.

A guy does a 24 hour ride and sleeps through the afternoon and THIS is what you take away from it?
Nicko what a boss effort.

haha obviously it’s an awesome effort, I was just letting him know he made the right choice.

Props man, huge ride at a solid pace.