27" in the back, 700c in the front..?

So I’ve got this Ricardo frame that I did have built up with some nice bars, crankset and wheels, but then I got my Malvern Star track frame and put all the nice parts on that instead. I’m thinking of re-building up the Ricardo this weekend with some risers and parts I have lying around, but I’m toying with the idea of a 27x1/14" rear wheel and a 700 x 23c front wheel… Kinda make the frame even more “funny bike”-esque… is that a stupid idea? Is it going to be a poor mans 700c and 650c set up that looks crap? I don’t want spend any more money than on what i need to, which will hopefully be the bars, tyres, tubes and a chain.


do it, if it looks shit, it looks shit
if it looks good, you know the rest

Def try it! But post it so we get a look.