33.0 seat post

Who manufacturers this diameter???

Reuben, are you sure your seat tube is a MAX seat tube?

The spec for the new MAX tubset doesn’t look like it takes a 33.0 post.

shhh don’t tell anyone but only the top tube & down tube are actually Max…

scott did say raceface deus xc was 33.0 but i cant see that option with a quick google.

have you confirmed it with verniers?

Is this a custom frame- why the odd 33.0mm diameter??

I saw this while browsing. It’s a 32.4 diameter but you can put some shims to sort it out. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, but it’s still an option.

FSA SL-K Carbon Seatpost £39.99

Shims can make things smaller? IDK how that works Gravity man, but I don’t even understand how gravity or fuckin’ magnets work, so yeah.


according to this sheldon guy, nothing comes in 33. But that list doesn’t include much past 2004.

Am I missing something here? Or is Dylan missing a point? The FSA is 32.4, OP needs 33.0. Put a shim on the FSA seatpost and you’ll get 33.0 diameter. Why do you need it to be smaller???

Oh right, my brain wworked in reverse for a second there
You must excuse me, very tired

carbon posts on cross bikes make me nervous. adding a shim to that makes me feel squeamish (but i’m happy to be corrected by people who can dispute this fear).

theres a lot of flying leaps onto the seat and bumps and bashes.

Me too. But I put it out of my mind and proceeded to jump all over my Alpha Q post and all was well. (Not to say I won’t be retiring it after a few seasons or a big stack.)

Edit: there was a broken Fizik Gobi saddle at the barrier just before crossing the concrete path, rails must have snapped from too many remounts.