36 hole rims? not deep v..

I’m building a new set of wheels.
I want a 36 hole box shaped rim that comes in high polished silver and will handle a 97kg person like myself in the streets everyday.
I don’t want to build up another set of deep v’s if I can help it.
All suggestions, prices, places to get them and other info appreciated

haha, it’s funny how nobody wants deep V’s anymore.

Something like the Velocity Aerohead might work.
Mavic OpenPro’s don’t come in 36H do they…
Araya NJS rims?

As for the polish, you might have to do that yourself :wink:

97kg- Heavy aren’t you? Good idea with the 36H I’d say.

You can get OPs in 36/32/28H.

How boxy does your box section have to be?

What about Velocity Razors? Single eyeletted box section.

Or the Mavic touring rims?
Bombproof double eyelet A719, if they can handle loaded touring and tandems, they can handle you.
(A319/119 cheaper, not quite as good)

They’re all going to be anodized, so you’d have to strip (NaOH) it and then polish them yourself. Unless you can convince Velocity to let a pair through without ano.

I’m considering some mavic A719’s for a new build

Mavic CXP33s come in silver (could be a “silver” coloured ano?) but I’m not sure about 36h - in 32h and 3x they’d be plenty strong enough for road/street for a bloke your size. I weigh a couple of slabs and a pizza or two more than you and i’ve been riding cxp33s for years. They’re eyeletted and only a few grams heavier than OPs.

Thanks for the quick replies.

The high polish isn’t something that I’m set on, but think they would look pretty nice.

The razors, or even the A719’s are boxy enough for what I’m after. OP’s are real nice also.
the recommended tyre width on the A719’s is 28mm+ which wouldnt suit me as i like to run 23’s

i just dont think deep v’s look any good on anything but big tubed AL frames, so I’m trying to steer clear of them.

is it confirmed that OP’s dont come in 36? The mavic website doesnt seem to say much about the spoke hole availability.

I’ve got a set of Op 36’s on my bike :expressionless: The sticker has spots that line up with 36, 32 and 28 hole spoke patterns. I’m looking at them right now, they’re stuck around my monitor. :smiley:

The photo of the rim on the website shows markers for 28/32/36H drilling.

You should be able to run 23mm on the 719, it may be slightly wider/shorter though. With your weight though, why don’t you run 28mm+ and slightly lower pressure? The added volume will help save your wheels.

Another way of saying “I don’t want to look like a fixie hipster” :smiley:

Pity they’re so strong and cheap… and heavy. But heavy is good for your leg muscles, right?

When you’re 97kg you don’t care QUITE so much about the weight of your bike.

(I am in the 100+ club and have flatspotted a deep-v rear wheel. Not a velocity though)

ive got a set of 36h velocity aeros in silver on one of my bikes. they look pretty good, and seem pretty bloody strong. but then im well shy of 97kg…
i did destroy a deep v, but i had to ride into a ute to do it.

I’m getting aeroheads as I couldn’t get 36 razors.
Not quite what I wanted, but will be ok

IWM, didn’t you buy that giraffe frame?

I guess you must be a lofty gent. At least you’ve got an excuse.

yeah I got the giraffe frame.
I’m 197ish cm I think, so yeah…a little tall!

Thought I’d add my 36 holes worth. I’m 90kg and recently had a 36h Openpro built up with a Suntour Superbe Pro hub and it is a really nice wheel to ride. I must admit that I’m currently running a 28mm on it (stolen from my wife’s bike while she is pregnant and not riding), but it is stiff (no squirming around at a cadence of 160 when going down hill) and comfortable. I personally think the extra weight of the rim and tyre isn’t as important on a fixed gear bike because (a) in riding a fixie you should be in a zen state of weight oblivion (agree also about your comments on us larger chaps) and (b) I think riding fixed you ride more smoothly relying a lot on momentum and pedalling technique rather than accelerating/slowing/accelerating which is when rotating mass hurts most.

I also have an Openpro on a roadbike that I’ve ridden for a few years without any problems (usually with a 23mm on it). It too is stiff yet comfortable.

My advice from a bike mechanic friend is that the Openpro is the best non-commuter, non-touring 700c rim around.

The only bad thing I can say about Openpro’s is that they are supposedly the same rim as used in the Mavic Cosmos which I have bend beyond repair after about 4 years of heavy use on the road.

Don’t forget to let us all know what you do!

Another big fella (struggling to keep under the 100 kegs at the moment).

Had a Mavic Helium rear rim (ie, Open Pro Rim) taco’d, and replaced it with a 28 Hole Velocity Razor that I rebuilt myself.

The Razor rides stiffer than the Mavic ever did.

Ambrosios are freakin’ tough for box rims (and a pleasure to build because they’re actually ROUND).

Excellence or evolutions if you can find 'em.

Many pros ride 36H Excellences in the Roubaix.

seen these Arayas?


I picked up two silver aeroheads yesterday.
They won’t be built up for a couple weeks though due to lack of hubs, spokes and also an incomplete bike.

You might remember me asking about these earlier this year – in the end I got the 32H Excellence rims from Bike Culture in Canberra. I have nothing to compare them with but they suit me fine…

According to Ambrosio they come in Black (like mine) or silver. http://www.ambrosiospa.com/catalog_eng/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=57

(here’s a crap photo of the front wheel: 59cm surly steamroller on velospace, the place for bikes )