3rd Fixie, 3 hour build!

Talk about being on a budget? From eBay to fixie in 3 hours!

Attacked all the unnecessary components with a spanner and screwdriver. Dropped a spare set of wheels. Cleaned up the handlebars. Insta-fixie!

[li] Roadmaster Grand Tourer Frame[/li][li] Tracer alloy cranks with attched alloy 52T chain ring. 19T cog.[/li][li] Kalloy 100mm stem[/li][li] Alloy Bars - nice detail on them, too![/li][li] Replaced bottom bracket[/li][li] Alex rims to Surly hubs (Steamroller donor)[/li][li] Pedals - blah. need straps![/li][/ul]

Full image: http://www.cyclebucket.com/images/bicycleres.jpg

I was planning to paint it metallic green, but I kinda like the urban-grunge look the way it is.


PS: Before shot:

Full image: http://www.cyclebucket.com/images/bicycltjt.jpg

nice job man! i say leave the frame, it’s brutal!

how much did it set you back all up? urban grunge ftw haha


  • $50 - complete bike. Parts used: frame+forks, cranks, chainring, stem, bars, seat(*)
  • $0 - old but good bottom bracket ($40 for a new shimano)
  • $0 - old cleaned up chain ($20 - I’ll splurge on a new one soon)
  • $150-250 - equiv? Donated wheels from a Surly Steamroller, inc. 19T cog.

What is left to add?

  • $5? - new head set bearings
  • $50-100 - Brake and lever (tektro long reach)
  • $25-50 - Pedals with straps

The biggest cost is a decent set of wheels. I was lucky enough to have a spare set, but would like to know where to get a decent set of non-deep-V wheels at a reasonable price. i.e. A lot of web-chat talk about “the best” for every component. I’d be keen to here more about “good value” components. Anyone have any thoughts?

The best thing abut this bike is it looks like crap, but rides like a dream. new hubs and BB make it feel like a $1000 ride!


(*) About the seat: once I ripped off the perished foam, its just was plain black plastic. Simple. Water proof. Does not look that bad! I kept it!

That’s awesome. I’d vote for leaving the paint too. Character!

I’m just about to do the same with a frame I found in hard rubbish today. Stripped it down and now need to replace ALL parts. Hopefully it turns out something like yours.

The urban grunge look is underrated. I just got my beater painted… it was a bad idea: nothing more annoying than a pretty bike you can’t throw a chain around and lock outside the pub.

thats how they should be made.

coloured chain?..

hehe. yep. Carefully colour matched to the “splashes of colour” on the frame :wink:

soundz good… an easy colour/look of bike

whatever happened to this ride? did you end up painting it or did you leave it urban?

that’s SIKK!!!

haha i converted this same bike!! think mine was cheaper though; not that its a competition ;). $25 off ebay and rotafixed cog $15 to original 27" wheels, some hardware store washers for wheel spacing approx 50c so bout $40 total i think.

its my polo bike now

well done, nice build! have been thinking about knocking up a pub/beater bike similar to this too. what did you do with the shifter bosses, did you grind them off or cover them or anything?

the shifters on mine were removable
the only brazed on bits where the brake cable guides on the top tube
i have a standish conversion with the shifter bosses that i’ve been wondering about
not sure if filing and filling is the way to do it or if you can melt the welding?

to remove shifter bosses, hack saw most of them off, then file the rest off gently

I’m not sure he’s still got it but I know he’s building up a Masi atm.

good stuff man, i’m currently working on my first build at the moment.

Cool man. good luck

I’m a big fan of that look…there’s almost no better feeling than stripping all the rusty crap off an old roady either