40-45km ride 18/7

Hey Guys,

I am going to go on this ride tomorrow so thought I might see if any of you guys wanted to come along.

Google maps link

nothing too crazy, start and finish at Gungahlin shops. I was going to suggest meeting at fruitylicious deli, we can hit their $10 buffet after. :slight_smile: there is also heaps of parking for southsiders to park their cars if they drive up.

Meet at 12ish for a 1230 departure?

Let me know if you are keen? :slight_smile:

Thats not a bad route! I think you could work in that oval crossing in there somewhere. Would be a little more interesting on Saturday morning with all the sport going on!

Would love to come along, but I will be hungover. Got my best man coming down from Qld and we are gonna get on the tequila. I am predicting a spew.

"I am predicting a spew. "
ha! me too… for you, i mean.

my mumsy is in town so i cant come along but i hope its great. and that deli buffet sounds like something i will have to get around to soon!

I could be possibly interested, although I am 17 years of age, might be a bit young? Like as long as there is no entering bars/other things that have age limitations on this ride, I should be alright yeah?

Average speed? and meet up outside fruitylicious?..where abouts is the shop? :?

Hey guys,

I am bailing (on my own ride, sheesh what a gimp!). My fiance gave me her cold, so this morning I am spewing phlegm rather than tequila. :frowning:



ok, so I had a teaspoon of cement and hardened the f**k up.

It was a beautiful day for a ride, so glad I went! Great route, except for a patch of Horse Park Dr that wouldn’t be out of place in the Paris-Roubaix. Its a newly laid bit of bitumen, and I swear they poured small boulders and jagged rocks on some dirt and covered it with a thin layer of tar. Not pleasant! Flemington Road might be a better way to get to Gungahlin from Northbourne Avenue…

How’s the hangover Ezy?

Dammit, I wish I checked the forum earlier.