$400 Dollar cannondale track

Buy Cannodale track bike, Cannondale, Track Bike for Sale in Unley Park, SA

WTF!! $400 … That is a bargain seeing as one sold in similar condition on US ebay for $1300

for a complete track bike at that price I’d be on it, if I was that little bit taller…

60cm…wont last long…

it’s good if your 6.2

Or if you are an investor and have an eBay account…

Damn, wish I was taller!

Drive side chainstay looks a little rippled /battered, moreso than the usual indent for crank clearance maybe?

Edit, ah no the larger close up shows it’s the reflection of the crank on the frame.

just called the number, some woman told me to politely fuck off and said they “didn’t have any of those bikes here”.

gone to the sunny state.

It just went up to $450?? Did you get it for the shop gypsy?

Bugger, I wasn’t even planning to resell.

Very good buy who ever got it!

Ah thankyou:)

oh fuck off i tried to call got abused and no email returned earlier tonight.
I would have only flipped it.
so nice work thats two shit alloy frames you have now.
You riding fri night.

I’ve got a pretty good collection of shit alloy now. Finally got something for the phil’s to go on. I had a chat to the old las too, she was friendly to me but i think i got in pretty early.

I got a reply e-mail. Little too late though. Good buy, Bender.

The old girls like you.
Your catching gypo now thats an olmo a bennotto and a cannondale track this year.

GOtta build a new rack.