48 spoke B43's

I’m thinking of getting 48 spoke b43’s. Overkill for a non polo bike? Just plain silly? Or crazy mad idea?

Opinions? Thoughts?

Stupid idea. Why?
Can you imagine how heavy the wheelset would be?

Like a giant BMX wheel?

32h b43’s are already overkill yet alone 48.

But… you’d probably have a lifetime guarantee on them, that is, until you realise that your rear wheel weighs as much as an average wheelset.

That’s when you sell them to me so I can play polo on them :smiley:

even bmxers dont ride 48hole wheels anymore.

only reason to do it would be for looks i guess. go bladed spokes!

Ok points taken. 36h will be fine. But just imagine 48 spoke radial lace on the front…

I’d go for a custom 86 spoke drilling. Heavy, but it would look sexy as fuck, especially with polished bladed spokes. mmmm

Add another 96 and you’re on target.

If all you’re after is looks- go for it buddy, why bother asking?

I used to have 144 spoke wheels on my lowrider, heavy as fuck. The thing felt like a cadillac

This is where I got the thinking from.

Spose you want a 17" rim too :wink:

slicks and backin it in?

I’ve already got 3x 17’s and 1x 16.5. And they slide real nice. :wink:

You got your bike yet???

sounds good if you’re after some kind of fixie lowrider project,

Picked it up Monday, im grinning - need to get some pics up on the weekend.

32 all the way there already bomb proof ! haha