$50 BIN Bundy road frame

could do worse for $50 if its legit.

Peter Bundy Vintage Retro Road Bike Frameset Fixie Build SYDNEY | eBay

If that’s a legit Bundy it’s not one built in the shop. Maybe a generic frame they had stickered up or a painted and stickered repco POS.

Nothing special.

im pretty sure Peter would not have built frames with centre mount stand brackets on them.

^This, exactly what I was thinking.

I’m pretty sure Peter doesn’t build frames. :slight_smile:

The listing for this bike says it all : - “Material: HIGH TENSILE STEEL” (i.e. not Chromoly). Lead-pipe special. Boat anchor city.

I understand that Chromoly is a type of High Tensile steel. But most people generally only refer to a frame as High Tensile when it isn’t Chromoly, but is a lower grade Hi Ten. That’s evident from the fact the same seller has correctly listed a Repco Superlite as Chromoly, and not Hi Ten (see REPCO SUPERLITE Vintage Retro Road Bike Frameset Fixie Build 62cm SYDNEY | eBay ).

I’ve got a real affection for Repco Superlites. I had a fluro/rainbow/fade one back in the day. But, this one seems to have ‘Giant’ 4130 tube stickers on it. Could that be correct? Or is the seller ‘upgrading’ the stickers on the bikes he sells (like the ‘Conlago’ - emphasis on the ‘Con’)?

I’m more tempted by the listing the seller has made for this small frame (for my daughter): SMALL STEEL Vintage Retro Road Bike Frameset Fixie Build 51cm SYDNEY | eBay

That’s because superlites were built by giant and imported and labeled as repco superlites .99% of the original ones I’ve seen have a giant brand tubeset decal ,usually 535 or something. Incidentally superlites were3 main tubes croMo only with the rest being good old Hi ten gas pipe.

Have a trawl through here ther are some pics. http://www.bicycles.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3378

I would have sworn that my old Superlite had a Tange tubing sticker — but that’s probably just my memory playing tricks. It was a long time ago.

The name ‘Superlite’ was always a bit of a joke. But, at the time, it was the best bike I could afford and I thought it was fantastic. In hindsight, that was probably because it was a lot lighter than the Raleigh tourer I had before it, because my legs were younger and because I spent a lot more time on my bike back then.

Tri A’s were tange infinity.
I had a repco olympic 12 which was a nishiki made frame, back in the mid 80’s.Not sure of the tubeset though.

There was a later Tri-A made for Nishiki by Kawamura with Tange 1 tubing and full internal cable routing, the RD cable came out of the chainstay, super clean. Really sweet frame.

My superlite has no giant stickers, but has a 4130 sticker at the bottom of the seat tube. “4130 cro-mo main tubes” it sez, or something like.