531 retro MTB on BNA

Seems pretty good for $400, not that I know anything about MTB’s

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Super nice!

Unfortunately as it is a ‘no name brand’ frame I doubt they would get the asking price, even though I would be happy happy to that myself (being a vintage mtb nutter!) Vintage mtb’s still don’t attract the prices you’d think they would unfortunately.

Personally I love Suntour mtb parts, super sweet. The hubs especially are great, however their proprietary freehub design makes changing cassettes extremely difficult (they are usually seized up). The ‘bear trap’ pedals are quite collectable alone.

I’m very happy with the purchase. A present for my gf. Less than asking price :wink: turns out I kinda know the seller. Very nice guy. Didn’t know about the proprietary freehub issue however the cassette is pretty much unusued so I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

FOA mafia, nice work! Please post some pics when you get it!

Re the cassette- the issue is that Suntour cassettes use the last two cogs as the lockring, therefore you need two chain-whips to get it off. Problem is that is often seized up.

Not quite relevant, but i didn’t want to make a new thread for it…seems like good buying.

1993 diamondback response comp frame | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Victoria - Melbourne Region | 1026145753

**Actually just realised the hubs on this bike are Cyclone not XC, therefore it might be a screw on freewheel- Blakey can confirm. Freewheel would make like easier.

Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look when I get home. Going to encourage the gf to put it together, teach her a bit about components etc. My new Park Tools stand couldn’t have come at a better time. Bike has been delivered already, just needs some new cables, saddle and grips. Might tweak the bars/stem depending on reach, although the stem is pretty sweet and has internal routing for the cantis so don’t particularly want to change it. I’ll try take photos when it’s done. The photos in the original post are probably better than my abilities anyway.

Great purchase, looks really nice. Probably would have even been worth splitting at the asking price. Congratulations on picking up something very cool!

Must check BNA more often goddamnit!