55cm Paconi Roadie

As per the title, nice looking Paconi with tri-colour 600.

Sorry if someone’s already watching this!?

Paconi retro road/race bike | eBay

And a cecil walker.


Nice Cecil walker

That Paconi has been up a few times, not sure why it isn’t selling…did ‘triathlon’ scare everyone off?

^ Maybe cos $600 isn’t all that cheap for a bike like this.

^ Maybe not cheap, but not all that expensive, either. All the big names are there, seems to be in good condition…If I had a spare $600 I’d be seriously considering it.

Another sweet NOS Cecil Walker.

That Cecil looks like a fake. Decals look too new for the stamped drop outs, and even if it is an older cec, it’s a low end shitter and not worth the bother anyway.

I like everything about the paconi except for the price, considering my mate picked up one on the cheap for $200 not too long ago.