6.6kg Vitus !!

Warren Dunmeade is a writer who contibutes to Ride magazine (retro section?). He’s also a fellow Vitus lover and recently built up a Vitus Carbone with period weight weenie parts circa 1983/4. Came in at just 6.6kg’s. I can’t publish the whole article because I appreciate they have to make few $‘s as well as respect their copyright but it’s for real. Interestingly the alu Vitus’ weigh in only a little more than the Carbon. I don’t give two hoots about bike weight but I had to post about this because I think it’s pretty cool.

Wow that’s got some crazy light parts going on there…
The wheel set is light by todays standards and that thing has a lighter gruppo than the current 7900 dura-ace

yeah very light

The Gruppo isn’t … it’s a mish-mash of parts chosen to pick the lightest. Just showing what was possible. The article states that Sean Kelly’s bike when he won the Vuelta weighed 7.9kg’s (Mavic groupset, 32 spoke wheels, pedals with clips/straps).

stronglight a9 headset = 88g
amateurs. :smiley:

What are the specs of that 1300 gram wheelset??

I’ve got one ones those, mish-mash that is. Totally impressive

I like the pedals (or lack thereof)

In the article he adds that he sticks on some aerolite pedals (sub 80 grams for the pair) and an alloy bottle cage (40g). Both from the period of the build/frame. Comes to 6.78kg’s … still under UCI legal weight minimum.

Aerolite Titanium Pedals : Fairwheel Bikes, Cycling Boutique

I should correct that Bike weighed 7.9kg’s + 400 grams for the pedals (so 8.3kg’s race weight).

When did the 6.8kg rule come into effect?

Hot stuff, I’m about to eBay a period wheelset of about that weight. Let’s see if anyone appreciates it.

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