$6 headsets, $30 Thomson stems and much more.

Stems from Departmentofgoods.com
Headsets from Departmentofgoods.com (1" & 1 1/8" threadless)

It’s the closeout arm of backcountry.com (who just purchased competitivecyclist btw)

Shipping is US$50 or so.

GrouP order in Melbs to split delivery? Count me in for a 5 degree 120mm Thomson if so…

Good find Blakey.

They’ve also got some good cheap MTB tubeless tyres (WTB Weirwolf for $20) and a Lightspeed Ti XC frame for $750.

BTW those PRO headsets are a great buy. I have a RM-01 on my tarck - sealed bearings, works a treat.

Yeah I could be up for this, wouldnt mind a headset and a Paul canti

Description on the omniums is price less

You’ve got the calf chainring tat already, have an appointment for a ‘no brakes’ knuckle tat, and the local messenger service took your application. Now all you need is the SRAM Omnium Track Crank on your little pony to be fully immersed in the culture.

Strong and stiff 7050-T6 alloy crank arms ensure no power is lost to flex
External bearings allow larger bearings for reliablity
Oversized CroMoly spindle for strength
Bottom Line:
No brakes bro, it’s like a totally zen feeling.

SRAM Omnium Track Crank from Departmentofgoods.com

fairly cheap CAPO gear too

I’m keen to go in on a group buy to get some Paul cross levers

I’ve got two brand new sets of Omniums for sale, one black, one silver if anyone is keen.

Yeah. That’s great.


I’d be in for a group buy. Seatpost, stem x2, headset.