$699 Lugged, 4130 Steel Fixie, w/ Sugino Messenger Cranks!

G’day mates!

We’re clearing out what’s left of our Cileto’s for only $699!


Here’s what you get:
4130 Steel, Lugged Frame & Fork
Sugino Messenger Cranks
Leather Toe Straps
Leather Racing Seat w/ Rivets
and More!

Excellent value and is made in the same factory as some other famous, but more expensive brands! (if we say, we’ll be receiving a solicitors letter).


Thanks for looking!

mark, is there a ‘frame/fork’ only price?

The CELLBIKES website has a search function too… sheesh!
Cileto Fixed Gear Bike FrameSet

Mark ,website still says $999. Also what’s the rear spacing on these?

i was asking cos i wasnt sure if the frame/fork would also be reduced if sold on their own. As dallimor pointed out, it dosnt show the reduced price on the website.

Have seen these IRL, pretty good. Didn’t Travis Fryer win one of these at EFTS? Sweet basic ride, if you chucked on some risers and took the brakes off.