I’m bloody close.

Who’s going to buy me a present?

come to bne and i’ll buy you a lager.

That’s just numbers - real respect comes when you’re a moderator and banned :wink:

this on a shirt?

I’ll make you a hat out of t-shirts if you come to my house and let me fit you up.

you need to ride more if thats your average!

The post that gets you over the line better be a good one.

like a certain 100m get on a popular image forum, which was a furry.

i’m closing in…

4000 x ‘plz use the search function’ don’t count…:smiley:

Total Posts 4,977
Posts Per Day 4.25

this makes me feel like less of a post whore

is this legal? code for ? consenting adults etc …

THE 5000th post has to be in MY music thread.

I hope it ends up being “use the search button” like 4000 other posts :slight_smile:

I’ve got about 40,000 posts on various forums - more than half of which have been deleted. That’s takes a high degree of knob-ism which I pride myself on.

Maybe tell a story - too many one line posts on these forums that don’t really say anything. It’s nice to actually read something for a change.

I’s not legal, cos I’ll be rubbing his head wthout consent and he won’t be in a house, he’ll be in a cage.

And it’s done. Gypsy, I’ll take you up on the beer at the Polo Champs. Dylan, maybe some other time?

I Know …I’ll give you a BB cable guide for a prezzy…LOL.

Let’s all get JLN’s address and send him all our mouldy old BB cable guides from our first road conversions. I think I have at least 3. All useless.

This was the post that made the 5000 milestone.

Pretty fitting really. Suprisingly enough, it wasn’t Shellac.

Jolan, you need to listen to more Malevolent Creation. Seriously.