hey i’m new to the forum
and i was just wondering if 700c wheels would fit on a bike that already has 27" wheels and sorry if this has already been posted

Oh dear.
Search function is your friend.

a) listen to gordy
b) yes, they will
c) smoke winnie blues

Hi Tom! I’m new too. (yay!)

More knowledgable people, feel free to correct me on anything I’m wrong about in this post…

Now from what I’ve learned, 700c wheels can fit depending on your frame… I know that steel frames can be adjusted, not sure about carbon fibre.

Making the 700c wheels fit is a little risky. You’ll want to take your ride down to your LBS to get them to do it for you as the seat/chain stays will have to be bent slightly away from each other to accommodate the new size wheel.

I just recently had a chat at my LBS about doing the same thing on my old Kuwahara.

Everything is wrong in this post.