70cm Cinelli Super Corsa!

Rare opportunity if you’re 6’4"+ & love Classic Bikes - eBay (item 190500113876 end time Feb-18-11 17:12:28 PST)

You’d think any smart seller would put the actuall item name in the title of the ad.

That thing looks like a gate

I doubt that thing would even fit iwearmoccos?!? plus do you think anyones gonna put in a bid for $4000?


seriously? That things cool and old but I could buy shit loads more for that?!?

Maybe you could buy shit loads more for that money, but for a giant there isn’t a shitload of giant-sized classic stuff available to buy.

not if you were a 6’6" giant (or however big you have to be for that to work).

haha, I suppose. Maybe I’m just not tall enough yet to understand these things.

Or even less like a modern bike, what’s the biggest standard carbon frame, something just over a 60cm?

That is ridiculously massive!!!

Dylan, here is your next tall bike.

…and not talk shit in the item description.

specialized go up to 63cm
custom panasonics up to 64.
after that you’re definitely talking custom. i’d like to know the owner’s height, cos that thing is way too big for me at 6’5"

are you kidding? i wanna buy it just cos of the description!

‘at least it wont go to japan’

when will the yanks ever get over pearl harbour…

To be fair this is the third forum or email list that I’ve seen where it’s been outed. That’s a lot of traffic even without the keyword title. It’s hitting the radars of many.

which probably means you should STFU, and try to learn something while you’re here

Yeah. Lesson Learnt.

fuck off lp, he’s 12, evil genius if lp give’s you any more shit for not knowing somthing that took him 28 years of bull shitting to learn jut punch him in the vomit hole

The item name is on a sub-heading and still comes up if you search for “Cinelli” or “steel cinelli”.
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he is actually 13 now… so he is a MAN