72 Colnago Pantografata pista

RARE Vintage Circa 1972 Colnago Pantografata Track Nisi Engraved Rims Clement | eBay

Bob Freemans pics if the same bike in 2007

Colnago Track 1973 - a set on Flickr

This is ex-Ken Denny out of Boston … one of the most interesting cats you’ll ever meet and with an inexhaustible collection of the coolest bikes. We got off to bad start, and there’s a billion people on the webs who have negative things to sa about him but then he rocked up one night to a Brooklyn Vintage Velodrome Wheelman meeting with Pergolizzi one night in a loft in Coopers Square, Manhattan on a inch pitch fixed gear Holdsworth track bike with Harden Bacon Slicer’s and wood rims and no brakes. Man !!! What a guy, such a character, funny and a true wise guy … we had a lot of fun, drinks afterwards and I have nothing but good to say about him. He’s contrary to what all the other peep’s on the interwebs whove never met him, say about him. Just goes to show …

also 2nd to Greg Softley, Denny has (or had?) perhaps one of the most significant bike collections in the world.

Most of the bikes listed by the seller of the pantografata are also ex-Denny’s. Sold perhaps 7 or 8 years ago but time flies (don’t quote me).