72 Falcon Track bike - Radelaide

Falcon fixie track bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Port Adelaide Area - Broadview | 1033767113

Pretty good buying…

fkn oath, if it’s anything like markee’s it’ll be sweeeeeet

would buy if i was in adelaide and not about to go overseas and i knew what size it was

This was listed about a year ago for a lot more and with the size included, which I can’t remember. Helpful huh?

Have eye-balled, not bad and 55cm for memory
Correct, was advertised 6-8 months ago

ugh my size too.

these are re badged raleighs are they??

Not that I’ve heard. Are you thinking of Carlton?

Mate going to look at this today for his first fixie.

Yes, yes I am.

Very good buying.

Some info on the builder of these frames and their origin from Kiwicyclist.

I picked up the frame on ebay from a guy based in Bendigo who had bought the frame from Shane Sutton – Shane is one of the lead coaches for the British track cycling team and a successful Australian track and road cyclist in the 80s along with his brother Gary, father of current pro Chris Sutton. The frame went for an extremely good price which I put down to a fairly garish baby sick yellow paintjob – I think people had overlooked the fact that in the description it mentioned Shane had won a number of important races on the bike including the Bendigo madison in the early 80s and, as I subsequently found out later from the man directly, he had taken the bike to the world champs.

The frame itself was built by Terry Dolan in the UK and badged under the Falcon marque, an old well reputed UK brand that I found out through research has subsequently closed down. It is also a reynolds steel frame – 583 – which has pretty thin tubing – probably ideal for a slimmer and smaller built Sutton but not ideal for an 83 kg ex- rugby playing 44 year old. I had it resprayed by Peter at Star Enamellers in Sydney, one of the best frame restorers and painters in the business and delivered the frame to his paintshop in person via a short diversion from a business trip to Sydney – a pleasurable experience in itself. New decals came from Greg at Cyclomondo and the frame was returned a few months later looking brand new – the union jack proudly displayed at the juncture of the downtube and the trademark Falcon crest sitting on the headtube as an improvised headbadge.