735 mean anything...

…in tubing terms?

I have just scored an old road frame and I cant find any serial or old decals on it anywhere… even after scraping back the layers of paint. The paint smells a toxic sweet kinda smell… has blown my head off after scraping it back!

But one thing I have found in at the top of the seat tube on the rightside outerside is the number 735 that is embosed into the frame and what appears to be cable holes in the tope tube… and a campag bottom bracket.

everything else is an open book…

I have serached reynolds site and they dont seem to have anything about that number in their tubing…

any thoughts?

Not 753?

Can you get a photo?

nope not 753…

here are some shots… from a phone camera so pretty crap but hope it helps?!?


looks to me like it might be made of 531!!

Not sure how I worked that out?

but it has been resprayed about 5 times which i have figured because I have scraped about 5-6 layers of paint off…

i think someone just stuck that on from the last spray job…

What about the decal on the seat tube that says Reynolds 531 tubing…? 735 in this case refers to the lug set. And now more info on that white track frame please :smiley:

i dont think that decal is original as it has been sprayed like a thousand times… so i cant be sure… looks like it will remain a secret code… i can pretend it is a brotherhood symbol!

the pearl white track frame is a steel hillbrick frame… I think… just waiting on some bits and bobs to arrive so i can buid her up!

not so exciting huh?


Vintage Australian steel track frames? You’d better believe it :smiley:

You can always tell people its 531.

have you seen http://www.collectablecycles.com? Frank is a diamond and has some lovely old classics on his site…

dammit you’re not supposed to tell people about that site or they’ll buy up all the beautiful vintage parts I need!

  • Joel

haha… i got a whole goodie bag coming to me on monday… can’t wait!!

prick :slight_smile:

you may be right about the decal. While it’s probably a no-no - I’ve put a 531 decal on a bike which seems 531-like but I’m unsure about. Just to make it look complete yeah?

Then again, it may be 531 simply because everything is :slight_smile:

  • Joel

Sorry Joel,

I think we’ve all seen it.

I bought a set of Superbe Track dropouts from them. Waiting for the money to build a bike up around them, and then transfer the full groupset over to them!!!

yes, it will be the full Superbe Pro bike!!!

I cannnnnnnnnnnn’t wait, but I can’t afford it all at once!

I’m sure you all understand

well I’ve ordered the replacement pedals from Malto - should be here next week and then I can you your pedals!

  • Joel

well… i think it is just a crappy shogun… i am depressed now… no fixie conversion for me.


i can’t ride a shogun can I?


Of course you can. I doubt its a Shogun, though.

Of course…this is a Shogun. Don’t get all worked up about having a bike that you think others think is ‘worthy’. Just get yourself a bike and ride it.

i am with you and you are both right… I gotta learn to ride first though!


stripping the bugger back and gonna put some of my own decals on it and clear coating!!!