'84 Miyata SS

Built this one up for the lady.

1984 Miyata with mixture of SR and Shimano components bought off eBay a few months ago ($116). The bike was in unridden condition, apparantely the guy I bought it off had chronic foot pain and so never actually rode it… the brake pads and rims showed no sign of wear. The only problem was that all the components had mild corrosion and the frame had speckled rust along the stays because he lived near the beach. The frame went off for a powder coat ($100) and I got some wet-dry sandpaper and steel wool ($8) and had a fun Easter weekend of polishing. The stem and cranks ‘came up a treat’, but I wasn’t too fussy with the brakes and pedals.

Required a new chain ($10), 5 x single stack bolts ($5), 18t freewheel ($25), ‘track’ wheelset ($118) and new bar tape ($15). Total cost $397.

Where did you get it powder coated? Did you have to prepare the frame in any way or did they do everything?

I took it to Star Enamellers, who outsource the powder coating to someone else.

You don’t need to do anything, they will sandblast the frame and mask everything that needs to be masked.

I did get a bit of a discount as I got Peter to paint two other bikes; I think it normally runs at about $120.


Well done,
Time for me to get of my selfish ass and do something similar for “the lady”.