'84 Raleigh TI Castorama

Hey hunks, here’s my new bike. A Raleigh pro model for a track n00b.

This is an Ilkeston SB unit apparently built for Steve Jones of Team Weinmann (as indicated by the SJ stamped under the serial number). It’s painted in the Team Castorama livery but I suspect it’s a repaint, as far as I know Castorama didn’t form until the late 80’s. My guess is it was first painted in the Weinmann/Panasonic colours and for whatever reason repainted later to reflect the current team.

At least I can send it off guilt free to Joe Cosgrove for the true matchy match experience.

Frame: 1984 SB7292 Team Weinmann track. Most likely 753 tubing.

Cockpit: 3T stem, Cinelli track bars. Record headset.

Drivetrain: Raleigh branded crankset, Dura Ace chainring 48t, Dura Ace sprocket 14t, Izumi standard chain.

Wheels: Mavic GP4’s to Campagnolo Record.

Thanks hunks. Thunks.

Edit: Big thanks to Dubrat for the frameset


i guess it’s alright

Nice, any more info on the cranks? Made in-house by raleigh?

Was good too see you tearing up the boards on this Tueaday night!

Not really. They came with the frame so I’m assuming Raleigh had them made for the track team. I found BSA stamped on the inside of the arms, so maybe they were made by BSA. But then again they look a lot like Zeus. Who knows?

Siq fixie.

But seriously, this is rad.

You could be all over the next show’n’shine in the matchy category…

matchy matchy win…gots matching kit?

Was thinking the same thing!

What is it with you and twins? ;]

Cold forged chainrings FTW!

Like what you’ve done to the bar tape…

I once saw the Castorama kit ranked in the 10 worst kit designs ever.

I have the Jersy

I know I’m surrounded!

The bar tape is the result of limited supply in yellow, I actually quite like it too.

You know, red yellow and blue harlequin wrap would look awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

That was my original plan, but even in 6 weeks of holidays I couldn’t find the motivation to do it. Are you very busy this weekend?

just remember to bring him some pancakes…and a craft beer or three.

This weekend’s pretty full, but if you’re serious I think we can sort something out.

Ha, I was only joking. I do make pretty good pancakes though

Edited your thread title coz really bothering me

Thanks Blakey, I wrote this up whilst feeling sick as a dog at work. For anyone wondering, it’s not titanium.

Also just realised I titled it Castorama instead of Weinmann. Eh.