88 tange 1 dave scott

Well its fuk ugly but my dad has had this frame since 94 and i have always loved it.
i have built my first set of wheel (thanks to bike club) and she rolls hella sweet.

Frame:58cm Tange 1 dave scott centurion ( expert ironman edition)
Cockpit: 105 headset
3ttt time trial drop bullhorns( deus swap $5)
old innertube getto bartape (free and feels good)
Wheels: Miche primato Fixed/Fixed rear hub
kid killy fronthub
Both laced to some Velocity Deep-v’s Icouldnt be bothed finishing removing the
Paint off (adds to the already stolen so dont bother look)
Saddle: Sele ‘real gel’ and sugino seat post
Cranks/Pedals: some sugino cranks?
Token sealed BB
105 Cleats.

Linced to the hawiian ironman triathalon???

This shit is race bred no pannier racks and i rekon as good as anything italian of the same era(not lookin for a fight)I have had a few of these frames and sand blasted/powdercoated them but this one was my dads and deserves to horrify the hipsters. Tange1 . What do you alll think ?

I love it dude! What does the old man think?

made me promise i wont fuk wit it. he says all good and now he has started to build one him self… tried to swap me the frame for my spinn tri-spoke(rear).

nice one luke! now get yr arse down to the cricketers tomorrow night. looks like the wheels came together real nice.

well … you can start by telling them that the tubeset is lighter than any of that Columbus SL shit :wink:

nice work luke :slight_smile: looks wicked. nothing pretentious but you knows it’s fucken ace!

love your work with the wheels too man.

Yeah big fan I like the wheels, this means I can get a tute from you to true my wheels now. :lol:

nice work.
I’d rather ride this bike than that ugly carbon cinelli thing. Spirito knows his stuff - Tange No. 1 is the radness. Innertube tape rules too.
Will keep an eye out for you at the cricketer’s.