9 Speed chain on "6/7" speed chainrings?

Hey all,

As far as I can tell from sheldon a 9spd chain will (very probably) work fine on a “6” spd older chainring.

Can anyone confirm this? or better does anyone run this combo?

It will be a double road crankset.

Just wanna be sure before I grab a crankset of a friend.


should be fine, as long as everything is 3/32"

I thought I’d replied to this already…

The issue you may encounter is that the chainrings are a little further apart, and there’s a chance you’ll drop the chain between them when shifting down. Otherwise, hunky dory.

I’m running a 9-speed chain on a 7-speed groupset, works pretty well. I would say 90% functionality.

Sweet, thanks for the replies.