92 Cannondale Track

thought i would show some pics of my current cannondale track bike. I bought this off a friend who scored it off ebay…Full suntour superbe pro groupset except the seatpost. I just laced the wheels to tb14’s/dt revolutions and they run so well.

anyway let me know what you think…enjoy the pics.


Vey nice… Looks about my size too.

Nice build! I like the first setup.

Very nice, how did you find the TB 14’s? I’m thinking of using them for my next build.

What size frame?

Love it!

I have tb14’s laced to suzue promos hubs and they are awesome!


its a 55 ST and 56TT with a slight pursuit slope.

TB14’s are the shit … the machining and craftsmanship is spot on. They make an aluminium frame bearable to ride on the street, wish i got the gunmetal colour tho :frowning:

very nice! i like both setup!

Always loved these frames, looks so clean,
needs a silver post though!

that brooks just don’t look right on that frame.

thanks for the kind words guys …

brooks is going anyway … great saddle too bulky tho

love it! great build

i like the black wheels, but i usually do on almost any bike, and it goes with the post and seat, the bars look very deep, nitto? which model?

yeah the bars are nitto b123

that short angry stem suits rizors, but the nittos need a bit less angle…maybe tha same as the top tube? super dupa though.

yeah i agree … straight out of the factory it was fitted with a pearl stem. It would be nicer to ride with a straighter stem

very nice setup. Let me know when you get bored of the frame :smiley:

oh mate bit late … sold it on ebay for 900

should have hit me up earlier

love the build. Made me skeet twice