9and 10 speed shimano Question

OK so I bought me first geared road bike, but it came with no wheels!

I’ve got the front covered but need a rear. My bike is 10 speed Dura Ace and I’m looking at this 9 speed HED (shimano) disc. NO SNAKING MY WHEEL!!
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So the question is: Will I be able to put my 10 speed cluster on this wheel? and if not can I just (do some cable tension magic) and use the 9 speed thats on there?? Any insight would be great.

The 10 will work fine. You might need to run a spacer, but they are about 10 cents.

a disc eh? mmm hope ya never go out in the wind?

Shimano Dura-Ace C50 7850 Carbon Clincher 50mm Race Wheelset | eBay maybe?

Muchos gracias el Brado

Yeah saw these bro. Really only got $500 blow hey! It’s not that it’s a disc hey, it’s a clincher, it’s deep (well solid in fact, ha) and it’s got a tyre.

you could get a custom deep carbon clincher/s built up for around that… china carbon and second hand hubs and you’re almost there

That thing is worth nowhere near $400. Much better saving a little longer and going for something like scottridesabike posted. Trust me, I have a rear disc and I test rode it in the street on a non-windy day and it was absurdly unsafe. You will die.

How so bro, please explain. The disc ends tomorrow, and I’m impatient. It’s obviously not for riding regularly, long mainly straight rides on the weekends. Convince me!!

for the money, i say a 40-50mm front and a the deepest rear you can, bam done.

Ride one and see.

Ahemmm. Its a time trial bike, not a road bike.

The only bike in your stable less practical than your time trial bike, is your observed trials bike.

  • Joel

time trials are on the road, usually, in fairness

i’m ALL for impracticable and ridiculous frames and setups, but if you go with a disc as your only wheel, you may render this thing unridable in any conditions other than spectacular

out of interest, did you get the disk?