A Bike For my Mother

I’m currently in the process of making up an old bike I found in hard rubbish, to replace the hybrid my mother currently owns (and doesn’t ride enough) in Tasmania.
I thought the step-through would be perfect.

The white wheels are probably a little much, and making it a fixie is kind of funny - considering it will be my Mum riding it - and also considering Tassie’s hills.

It still needs a front brake, a coat of clear paint and some new pedals, and then it’ll be ready to send.

I love the idea of building up a bike for your Mum … that’s very cool.

I do have to ask though … if she already has a bike and isn’t riding it are you sure it’s worth sinking time and money builder her a fixie, if the roads are hilly where she rides? I don’t see the point … Unless it’s a bike you want to ride when you visit your Mum.

/// Oh dear … I said the word fixie. How low have a stooped !!!

+1. if it’s for your mum, and your mum isn’t a total yoko ono older zen hipster figure, put a freewheel and two brakes on it.

with the age of some of the members now here could be more wyanona ryder than yoko ono, so just maybe.