a choice

my choice is : my wife has through no fault of her own ruined her favroute peice of clothing, which i bought her for b’day this year. she is devistated( skirt as expensive ,suntour supurbe expensive). I have just sold enough stuff for enough and made enough to finally get a new wheel set or kick ass crankset for my pony. My choice is to make someone happy with a surprise they will love or endulge my wants not necessarly my needs? A penny for your thoughts?.

wife > bikes

Get her the skirt.


Get your wife one of these:

It’s a win for wives and bikes.

And you can comfortably ride in a skirt.

Happy Wife, Happy Life…

skirt. The brownie points will come full circle. You can save for another wheelset.

Brownie points +1 … What comes around goes around.


What happen to your Kevin900 cheque. That should cover skirt & wheelset :slight_smile:

this aint no gypsy skirt, its exy :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect you know the answer, but just in case…

  1. Buy skirt for wife*
  2. Never tell wife what you gave up for it**

*you will feel like a shit if you don’t
(if you buy the wheels instead you will feel it again every time you throw your leg over your bike)

**she will feel like a shit if you do

Ah the Gypo. How maach??? :smiley:

I’ll let you ride my bike if you let me ride

… yours once you’ve got the new wheels on.

The weeks will fly past especially now you’ve got a happy girly around, and then you’ll have the wheels anyway. They will drag if you’re fanging around on new wheels regretting the decision you made over another - buyer’s remorse redux.

+1 for CC’s selective honesty, and inadvertent leg-over reference

Inadvertent? Nah son. :wink:

to put a happy end on this thread. i got the skirt and recieved one of those looks that a wheelset/cranks wouldnt put on my face . i was happy to get home from sydney and see you guys thought the same. Luke

But did you get a BJ?

shit man did i say it was x-mas or MY b’day. no ,no bj. but hey satisfied non the less( cue corny chik flik music).

Hahahahahahah! That’s exactly what I wAs thinking…