A Complex Cyclocross Conundrum

Its dawned on me that I will be drinking copious amounts of semi free alcohol the night before the first round of FOJCX. Coming to the conclusion that I’m going to be extremely hungover for the race, and having not raced in a hungover state before,a few questions have been raised:
[li]Should I pre-spew before the race?
[/li][li]Should I try and remain slightly drunk throughout the day and try to avoid a hungover state all together?
[/li][li]If racing and feeling under the weather should I power spew on spectators adding to the atmosphere, on opponents to slow them down or on the course in a long line to act as an impromptu bunnyhop barrier?
Keep in mind that I will be in c grade coming last and that the fallout of these events will impact on everyone else, making me the quite the arsehole.

Option B is probably the best (although they’re all terrible)

Spewing cos drunk is ALWAYS frownd upon.

Be seedy, pop wheelies, rip skids, high five ppl, all out the back of C. then try not to get in the way of the fasties in C, cos they won’t think it’s awesome; racing iz srs bisnuz.

I could drink responsibly but unlimited grog is unlimited grog and that would be a waste. Having raced solely in jeans all year I’ve got the hang of staying out of the serious folks way. Except at the start cos volunter front of the pack starts are rad. It doesnt start til midday so maybe there is a glimmer of hope

Option B with an upgrade from slightly to proper. You will feel less pain, take better lines, give up the chase less easily.
Whats the worst that could happen? Some serious roadies get angry at you? Theyre going to do that anyway cos youre ruining the profeel of their race with your jeans. And theyre all on the juice for B-grade crits coming up, so you are wtihin your rights to smash/smash into em.

it’s the MTB’ers that you need to keep clear of, they smash any/all in their way.

Last time I raced cross sorta pissed I seemed faster and it was heaps more fun cos even less fucks were given. I’m pretty good at keeping out of the super serious guys ways cos they always seem so angry, but then again it is only C grade and if the MTB’ers were proper serious they’d be on cross bikes and not in the open category.

The MTBer’s are more likely to be drunk. Find the guy with a beard, racing on an innapporiate bike with one gear… he’ll share a laugh with you.

How is this a thread?

Exact description of the last cross race I saw. Bearded dude on an SS Surly Ogre smashed it.

I dunno… Its been a while since we talked about racing drunk. A lot longer, I’d say, than the last time we talked about bikes we wished we hadnt sold/miss the most but that thread is on fiyah with passionate love

Riding home from the pub with mates is rad cos sprints at every set of lights and racing drunk is more fun because I don’t take racing seriously. Obviously there is a line to being too drunk (riding home with my brother from the roobaix was on the wrong side of that line) but as long as you still have good control of the bike then its not that bad.

How does the insurance work when you have an idiot who is racing whilst drunk?


Waiting for Scottykent to weigh in…

He rode all but one cross race this season hungOVER