A Cool Wood Bike

cut and paste this worth the look

why’d he put such crappy cranks on it?

they 105’s i think

That didn’t give me wood.

I can see how it might seem like a good idea in theory, but I just think it looks awful. :expressionless:

Kudos for him building the frame, it really is beautiful. However he’s buggered it up the rest of the build IMHO :frowning:

He should have gone with far more understated componentry (how possible this would be I’m unsure). The cranks are way too big and a thinner chainring would do wonders. It seems he’s gone for ultra-sporty black components where I would have leaned towards silver and chrome with smoother lines.

I dont think he really care about the componants, because HE’S MADE A WOODEN BIKE

isnt that enough?

If your going to do a job do it right.

The frame by it’s self looks awesome… as he’s built it up, not so much.

Probably would have made the rear end a bit tighter too, just saying.

No that’s exactly my point. I love the frame, I think he’s made a frame that is very special and worthy of admiration. However as a bike it falls short because he hasn’t paired it with the right components IMHO. As an exageration, would you put a pair of cheap Alex rims on a hand made De Rosa?

Good effort and it’s nice to see something a bit different.

But it looks strange with not much tyre clearance at the seat stays but heaps of space between the tyre and the seat tube.

the “Woodman” headset is a nice touch.

Gee, I could sort him out with a set of our woodgrain Deep V’s!



And this fellow sent this to me a while ago.
Its woodgrain contact if I remember correctly.


Fucking hell, there is a crazy amount of work went into that.