A different Raleigh...

This is my beast…

Raleigh Grand Prix frame powder coated matt black
Cro mo forks,
Sugino RD cranks/chainring,
Gran Compe rear hub/Deep V
Shimano WH550 front wheel powdercoated white
MKS pedals/Clips
few other random bits and pieces

Love how it rides…

If you see me on the streets, say g’day!!

It has a milk moustache

it’s strange but good,

Ran out of money for the rest of the powder-coat?

This bike has an idetity crisis. It is the “Micheal Jackson” of fixies, white on the outside, but black on the inside…(run with me here)…

I do like it though, in sorta B & W minstrel sorta way…

I love it!

Thanks for the comments guys!

the oreo… yum.

but how much do you weigh (if its not a personal question), is the 16 spokies a problem at all? Do you break any, often?

I weigh on the plus side of a hungy keggers, so I thought about the rim for sometime before buying but picked it up for a really good price…have put about 500km on it just commuting around the burn and it is still very true, I mean I haven’t been jumping off gutters or anything but it seems pretty sturdy thus far!

Very nice puggs.

I’ll have to come over and check it out up close on moday :smiley: